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Connecting To City Sewer

City Sewer Connection

With the needs of our community constantly changing, we strive to offer all septic services, including city sewer connection. This can be a tricky process to navigate, so we’re here to help! Our knowledgeable staff can help you through the process and help make the decisions that are best for you. Our advice and quotes are always complimentary.

Our city sewer services include:

  • Install lateral to connect to the main city sewer line
  • Connect home to the existing lateral
  • Septic tank abandonment
  • City sewer line and lateral line repairs between home and city sewer main line

a photo of a long dug out tench with white pipe in it

FAQs about Connecting To City Sewer

  • How to connect to city sewer

    Connecting to city sewer is a bit of a process, and Chico Septic can help you along the way.

    Call us for the entire city sewer hookup guide and assistance with the step-by-step process. We have plenty of experience and can help guide you through the entire project!

    Call us today for a free estimate at (530) 343-6340!