Escrow Inspections

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Escrow Inspections

When you’re thinking of buying or selling a property that contains a septic system - it is important that the system is inspected and tested by a qualified inspector. A thorough inspection provides the seller, buyers, and agents peace of mind when entering into escrow. Most mortgage companies require inspection and certification prior to funding loans. Our certified specialists will always perform your escrow inspections objectively and with integrity.


What do you do in an inspection?

Chico Septic will need access to both septic lids. We will inspect the level of the tank; with an adequate level being just below the inlet and outlet T’s. We will check the quality of your septic tank- looking for deterioration in a cement tank or bowing and compromises to a poly tank. We will ensure the inlet and outlet T’s are in place and perform a 15 minute hydraulic test on your leach line.

What is not included in a typical inspection?

We will not check the line from your house to the tank unless you have a concern. The inspection also does not include mapping of the leach lines, however, this is a service we do provide if needed.

How much does an inspection cost?

Inspections start at under $100, depending on location.

Do I need water on the property?

Yes. We do need water to perform the hydraulic test on your leach line. If there is no water on the property, please let us know at the time of scheduling and special arrangements can be made.

Do I need to be there?

It is not necessary to be on site while your inspection is taking place, unless you would like to see the process in person.

Do you need to enter my house to do the inspection?

In most circumstances, no. We may need to enter the home if we cannot locate the septic tank or you do not have a clean-out on the outside of the house. We will then need to flush a beeper down the toilet to locate the tank.

Will I get the results of my inspection immediately?

We understand that the results of these inspections can be time sensitive in many cases, so we make every attempt to get a completed report back to you by the end of the next business day.