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Septic Services

Septic System Services

We offer septic tank pumping, new septic systems with concrete and polyurethane tanks, septic repair, complete line and system installations, city sewer installation, guaranteed work, and free estimates.

septic tank installation chico california

Septic Tank Installation

At Chico Septic, we have almost 40 years of installing septic tanks. Our family-owned and operated business will install your tanks quickly with guaranteed work. If your aging tank is showing signs of wear or repair, it may be time to replace your system. We offer:

  • Polyurethane septic tanks
  • Concrete tanks
  • Competitive pricing
  • Work guaranteed
  • Clean site upon completion
septic tank repair chico california

Septic Repairs

When your septic system fails, time is critical. Each hour or day that passes may result in thousands of dollars of damage. Every system repair we perform is backed by our confident workmanship guarantee. Chico Septic works quickly to respond to your septic problem, providing professional repairs fast. We guarantee long-lasting repairs-- if you experience the same fault or break in your system after we fix it, we will make it right, free of charge!

Chico Septic repair services include:
  • Line clear-out
  • Septic tank repair
  • Inlet and outlet T repair
  • Broken septic line repair
septic tank plumbing repair chico california

Septic Tank Pumping

Chico Septic specializes in pumping septic tanks. We use only the latest technology to efficiently clean your septic system. We use our forty years of experience to handle a variety of tanks—we can accommodate old or new tanks ranging in size from 500 – 2,500 gallons-- we’ve seen it all! After your tank is clean we can set you up on a regular maintenance and pumping program depending on your specific needs.

Septic Pumping Services Include:
  • Metal detection locator
  • Beeper locating
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance program
  • Bacterial balancing
  • Pump both solid and leach side of septic tank
  • Work guaranteed
septic system maintenance chico california

Caring For Your Septic System

Chico Septic is here to help and we will gladly answer all your septic system questions. Experience makes a difference!

The do’s and don’ts of septic care:

  • Keep records of your septic services
  • Remove roots from the leach field and septic tank
  • Run water regularly
  • Regularly service your septic system
  • Use bacteria and enzymes to breakdown waste
  • Know the location of your septic tank
  • Obstruct the access of the tank lids
  • Use large quantities of fat or solvents
  • Plant anything over the leach field – except grass
  • Wait for signs of failure without maintenance
  • Plant anything near your tank and leach lines

Acceptable Detergents for a septic system:

  • Amway SA8
  • Arm and Hammer
  • Boraxo
  • Cheer
  • Dash
  • Equator
  • Fresh Start
  • Oxydol
  • Seventh Generation

Clogs are commonly caused by broken pipes, pipes that need replaced, saturated leach lines, failed leach lines, or simply waiting too long for service. We have seen it all and will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately.

septic sewer connection chico california

City Sewer Connection

Chico Septic proudly serves the entire community including homes, businesses, and municipalities. New property? Give us a call for initial set-up and connection!

City Sewer Services Include:
  • Hook ups to main sewer
  • Main sewer line installations
  • Pumping septic tanks
  • Reroute plumbing if necessary
  • Underground trenching
  • Abandoning septic tank