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About Us

Our Company’s Story

Chico Septic started in the 1970’s as a result of a bad year with few jobs available. Barry Bartlett had been working as a carpenter for $4/hour but, like many, was out of work when many local jobs shut down for the year. With no income, no means to pay bills, and no way to provide for his family, Barry needed a solution. He came across an old beat up septic truck that was barely operable. He struck a deal, set up payments, and began to pump septic tanks in the local community taking $50 for his first job. This was the start of a successful career that would ensure his family would be taken care of. Still in business almost forty years later, Chico Septic is now owned and operated by Barry’s daughter, Rachel Bartlett.

Rachel went on her very first septic job when she was just five years old and her father was unable to find a babysitter. As she grew older her interest in her father’s business continued. When she was 16 she began to work for her father on the weekends and during summer vacation from school. In 2014, after a lifetime of experiences on the job, Rachel (who was by this time already a successful business owner with Johnny on the Spot Portable Toilets) proudly took over the company upon her father’s retirement. She is proud to carry on the family business and eager to serve Butte County and all the surrounding areas with the best possible service. Rachel believes that good service makes good business and has coined the comical phrase, “where service doesn’t stink.”

Meet Our Team

rachel bartlett chico septic

Rachel Bartlett

alex godfrey chico septic

Alex Godfrey

Septic Assistant
steve gonzales chico septic

Steve Gonzales

Septic Driver
jessica kunce chico septic

Jessica Kunce

Sales Coordinator
melanie honea chico septic

Melanie Honea